In my sculpture, line is everything. By this I mean the profile the form creates when viewed from the combination of any point on the compass and any elevation. As a viewer moves around the sculpture, the line constantly changes and must work with the overall composition and meaning. The line has energy from it's context in the figure. For example, in my sculpture "Torso" the side profile forms a strong "S" line that speaks to the strength and unwinding energy of the female figure. That one line expresses the core meaning of the sculpture. Then, within the framework of the line, I carve the subtle forms and many fine details that make the sculpture personal, that make it my work. I do not generalize the human form but take the time to continue this concept of line deep into the sculpture. So there is a concert of lines, from the outer, most general to the inner, most fine. This is how I reflect and celebrate the human figure. In this high-speed, instant-gratification world it's hard to think of a more anachronistic art form than stonecarving. People ask me why I do it. The answer is simple, I do this out of love. Love for the material, the process and the human form.

Sherry Tipton