Sherry Tipton, Serenity, 2013
Kozani Marble
Approximately 64"x18"x18"

Sherry Tipton carved her sculpture "Serenity" during the Greek Marble Initiative. The nude female figure which she has released from the stone so gracefully captures the essence of serenity. And to the viewer, this figure seems so alive as to draw you close to generously share this grace. Walking around the sculpture, the form appears to move, deepening the intimate communication between the viewer and the art. "Serenity" is a counterpoint to another sculpture Tipton carved for the Heykel Akasemksi symposium in Denizli, Turkey, earlier the same year titled "Duran Adam". In that work, Tipton has created a powerful male torso that embodies a different kind of energy: relaxed, yet immense masculine physical strength. The figure is classically executed yet the gesture is timeless, reflecting the core of what is masculine, without pretense. These two sculptures are on either side of the Aegean Sea and have yet to meet each other, but when they do it will be a beautiful experience.