At first glance the similarities between being a classical musician and a stone sculptor might not be obvious. But consider the discipline of mastering technique- the many hours spent repeating scales, arpeg- gios or etudes, and that of learning to hold a chisel at the correct angle. Both involve a great deal of highly focused learning to create sublime works of art.

Primarily a classical pianist and bassoonist for most of her life, Sherry Tipton has also enjoyed a successful career in pastel portraiture and figure drawing. Foremost in her work is the expression of universal feel- ings and emotions to which we can all relate and which are most beautifully expressed in the figure.

Sherry Tipton began carving stone in 2004 at Ghost Ranch in north- ern New Mexico and soon began restructuring her life to embrace stone sculpture full time. Since then, stone carving has become her main focus.

In 2009, Sherry began exhibiting her stone sculpture in shows and galleries in Colorado, New Mexico, and New York City. She also re- ceived her first commission at this time.